About Us

Awoken at 3 am by yet another menopause-induced night sweat, co-founder and passionate, mature GIN-preneur, Ginny Graham-Smith, mulled over alternative names for her newly acquired gin brand which would become the eponymous GINNY’S GIN. Running through the alphabet, rhyming words with gin, she hit on estrogen which she reimagined as estrogin. Ginny knew it could be the genesis of a fun project for future. In the meantime, Ginny, along with co-founders Rob Sweeney and Amy and Jeff Kloes, had Ginny’s Gin to launch. She set about building the fledgling brand from the ground up. The first year, each and every case was sold out of the back of her car. Ginny’s Gin was very well received and Ginny became fondly known as “Ginny with the gin.” It took a global pandemic pivot and a new iteration, before the liquid sanity of estrəgin could be introduced.

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